is deprecated.

Please visit for the latest ReasonML content.

For BuckleScript / JS related docs, please refer to

We started the project to unify the BuckleScript, ReasonReact and Reason language documentation in one coherent documentation platform. On July 1st 2020, BuckleScript officially rebranded to ReScript to create a more lightweight and JS focused derivate of the ReasonML language.

This doesn't mean this project is over. We are dedicated to cater to our BuckleScript / Reason JS users, so our work will continue on

Where did the original docs go?

All of's BuckleScript / Reason webdev related resources have been moved to ReScript's v8.0.0 documentation, which is still documented in Reason syntax.

We will automatically redirect based urls to the correct canonical resource, so your shared links will continue to work until we handed over the domain to the Reason team.

How to migrate from BuckleScript to ReScript?

The ReScript team has a strong commitment for supporting our existing Reason / BuckleScript users. Please refer to the ReScript Q&A to learn more about our compatibility with Reason and on how to upgrade your projects to ReScript in the future.

What about ReasonML?

Reason will continue to be an alternative syntax for OCaml and focus on native / cross compilation for all platforms. You can find all Reason related content on following resources: