API / JavaScript / Js / Exn


Provide utilities for dealing with JS exceptions.

type t;
type exn += pri | Error(t);
let asJsExn: exn => option(t);
let stack: t => option(string);
let message: t => option(string);
let name: t => option(string);
let fileName: t => option(string);
let isCamlExceptionOrOpenVariant: 'a => bool;

Internal use only.

let raiseError: string => 'a;

Raise Js exception Error object with stacktrace.

let raiseEvalError: string => 'a;
let raiseRangeError: string => 'a;
let raiseReferenceError: string => 'a;
let raiseSyntaxError: string => 'a;
let raiseTypeError: string => 'a;
let raiseUriError: string => 'a;