Compiler ยท Mar 21, 2019

Announcing BuckleScript 5.0

Hongbo Zhang
Compiler Team

New Changes

bs-platform@5.0.0 is released! There are quite a few bug fixes in this release and refmt is synced up, a detailed list of changes is available here.

Several new features are introduced in this release:

  • first class bs.variadic support, documented here

  • we prebuilt binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux, this will help reduce your CI build time significantly. For exotic OSes, it will fall back to build from source

  • bs.deriving light config. For people who prefer short names, we make it configurable

[@bs.deriving { abstract: light }] type t = {x: int}; let f = (obj: t) => obj->x;

This is the last major release which is targeting OCaml 4.02.3, in the future we will make major releases targeting OCaml 4.06.

Happy Hacking!

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