Compiler ยท Apr 9, 2019

Announcing BuckleScript 5.0.1

Hongbo Zhang
Compiler Team

Newest Changes

bs-platform@5.0.1 preview is available, try npm i -g bs-platform@beta-4.02! A detailed a list of changes is available here

Some notable new features in this release:

React JSX v3

The new v3 JSX ppx is now available which means zero-cost for react-bindings (@rickyvetter will talk about it in a separate post).

New [@bs.inline] decorator for library authors

Our compilers have a pretty good inlining heuristics by default, in this release, we allow some user input for some fine-tuned inlining behavior. Read this ( for more use cases.

A typical usage is as below

module Platform = { [@bs.inline] let ios = "ios"; };

If user wants to write an interface, it has to carry the payload though:

module Platform: { [@bs.inline "ios"] let ios: string; } = { [@bs.inline] let ios = "ios"; };

It is a bit verbose for library authors, but this should be transparent to library users.

We are also actively working on a new offical release targeted to OCaml 4.06 for the forthcoming reason-conf, below is proposed release schedule:

We are going to support OCaml 4.06 and 4.02 at the same time for a while.

The corresponding versions for bs-platform would be 5.(targeting 4.02 OCaml) and 6. (targeting 4.06).

5.* is recommended for production usage, bug fix is prioritized (tagged as beta-4.02 for pre-rleases)

6.* is expected to have some issues but encouraged to experiment until we make an official announcement it is great for production. (tagged as beta-4.06 for pre-releases)

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