Ecosystem ยท Oct 2, 2017

New ReasonReact Docs Site

Cheng Lou
Core Team Member

Edit on April 2020: This post refers to the old page, which is going to be unified with the Reason & ReasonReact docs in!

The ReactJS doc site has also been updated last friday by pure coincidence. No conspiracy theory!

Do you like the new look? There's been quite a bit of iterations on the new docs, with an eye toward settings up site templates for our future libraries API docs effort (more on that another time). Meawhile, true to our community's spirit:

  • The new docs site is much more readable, and just as simple, lean, fast, and easy to read and contribute to.

  • It's done by a prominent community member, @rickyvetter, who took every nit seriously and cleaned up every corner of the documentation layout, formatting, responsiveness, reorganization, etc. Quality open source contribution right here =)

  • The existing links are preserved and show you the correct page to redirect to. Take your time migrating your links to the new ones; we'll keep them around for a while.

  • We care about our community across the globe! There is now dedicated translation support. Click on that symbol on the upper right corner! Translating the docs is a good way to learning. Just ask @charles_mangwa who learned Reason by translating the Reason docs to French.

  • Works with JavaScript off (falls out naturally from the doc site architecture).

This community is the best part of Reason. In the end, it's all about people. Tweet to @rickyvetter to show some thanks for his excellent work! It makes contributing in his free time much more worthwhile.

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