Syntax ยท Mar 26, 2018

Reason 3.1.0 Released

Cheng Lou
Core Team Member

Special shout-out to this version, as it fixes many bugs and comes with some long awaited features. As always, the changes are in Special highlights:

  • New pipe sugar allows inserting argument at arbitrary position: [1, 2, 3] |> map(_, a => a + 1) |> keep(_, a => a === 2). Basically ES2030.

  • Tired of seeing [@bs] foo(bar, baz) for uncurrying? Use the new version to refmt your code to automatically format it into foo(. bar, baz)!

  • Trailing comma for everything, final function body item now formats to a trailing semicolon, let%foo extension sugar, fixes for comments, JSX, etc.

Get the new version through reason-cli and through BuckleScript's bs-platform 2.2.2. Have fun!

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