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ReasonConf Videos & Reason 3.3.2!

This release should be used in conjunction with bs-platform 4.0.3.
Cheng Lou
Core Team Member

ReasonConf 2018

We recently had our very first Reason Conf last May! Videos are available on Youtube, if you haven't seen them yet. In short, it was a massive success; big, belated thanks to @ryyppy, @nikgraf and @okonetchnikov. This is truly a conference by the community, for the community.

That being said, we've heard your feedback during the conference loudly and clearly. This Reason release addresses most of those feedback! Special thanks to @anmonteiro and @iwanKaramazow for many of these fixes.

See the changes here. No breaking changes; nothing but an avalanche of quality-of-life improvements. Hopefully you'd notice many subtle tweaks in your day-to-day development.

We've made a new, corresponding ReasonReact release too. Get it while it's hot!

Thank you for your continued support =).

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