Community ยท Feb 20, 2018

Reason Forum Now Open!

Cheng Lou
Core Team Member


Happy belated new year! Our current reasonml Discord has held up well to the influx of newcomers until now, but it's getting gradually harder for us to go through every message every day. We've therefore decided to open up a more permanent communication medium: Reason Forum.

We're still on our real-time Discord chat, but the addition of a forum should alleviate our maintenance a bit, thanks to the deduping of newcomer questions and turning sync Discord chat into long-term async discussions. We maintain another permanent medium, Stack Overflow, but general discussions and announcements never really belonged there.

You don't have to register a new account; existing Github logins work. Big thanks to Brent Vatne for helping us set up everything!

Enjoy, and here's to an even better year for the Reason and BuckleScript community =)

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