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ReasonReact 0.7.0: Support for React Hooks

Cheng Lou
Core Team Member

What's new?

Version 0.7.0 of ReasonReact adds support for the React Hooks API. This allows for writing function components with state and complex interactions.

You can now write components like

[@react.component] let make = (~className, ~text) => <div className> {text} </div>;

which will compile to a 0-cost React component that looks like

let make = ({className, text}) => <div className={className}> {text} </div>;

In these new components you can make use of the full Hooks api:

type action = | Tick; type state = { count: int, }; [@react.component] let make = () => { let (state, dispatch) = React.useReducer( (state, action) => switch (action) { | Tick => {count: state.count + 1} }, {count: 0} ); React.useEffect0(() => { let timerId = Js.Global.setInterval(() => dispatch(Tick), 1000); Some(() => Js.Global.clearInterval(timerId)) }); <div>{ReasonReact.string(string_of_int(state.count))}</div>; };

Please read the new documentation for an in-depth explanation of how to write these components and how they compile to existing ReactJS code.

These components make use of a new jsx implementation that desugars exactly to React.createElement calls. In order to use these new components with JSX you will need to use [@bs.config {jsx: 3}] at the top of your file and use ^5.0.4 or ^6.0.1 BuckleScript which supports this new version. If you are in a greenfield project or you have fully converted, you can also change the JSX version in your bsconfig.json file to 3 and drop the in-file annotations.

This release also makes use of a new React namespace for APIs for all of the code related to this new way of writing components. Some functions have been copied over (like React.string, React.array) and many are new (like hooks)!

The only breaking change for this API is the introduction of new namespaces, which should be a fairly straightforward fix that most people won't need to do. However, since lots of the new code won't work without a more recent version of BuckleScript, we do recommend doing an upgrade on this version first and treating this as a breaking change even if you have no React namespace conflict. If you're interested in migrating some components the upgrade script is provided. It will wrap existing ReasonReact components as if they are Hooks components. This script will not attempt to re-write your logic as hooks because this is often a complicated process and it is not guaranteed to be correct. Please always inspect and test the work of the migration script to make sure it does what you're expecting!

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