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This is where we keep track of all the awesome things happening in the community.


The ReasonML community is well known for its helpful and reliably active members in the Discord chat. Don't be afraid to join in and ask questions, especially if you are just starting out!

Our full list of channels:

Note: We stand for inclusivity and good behavior. Please read our Code of Conduct and help us keeping our community healthy and friendly!



  • reasonml: The official organization for core Reason infrastructure maintained by Facebook

  • reasonml-community: The official organization for important tools & libraries maintained by the community.

  • reasonml-editor: Our organization for all your Reason editor plugin needs

  • reasonml-labs: This is a community based organization for useful tools in the incubator phase. We try to keep things in the experimental phase in the beginning until they are stable enough to be moved into the reasonml-community organization.

Core Projects