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Get Involved

Improve the Documentation Platform

We are always on looking for a helping hand!

Our current focus is to make the documentation platform really awesome, and we encourage everyone to chime in by either updating docs, or open issues if specific docs are confusing or unclear.

There's no specific skillset required. If you are beginner and not feeling confident contributing, then by just giving feedback you are already making a valuable contribution to the community!

The documentation for this website can be found here. Make sure to read the CONTRIBUTING file first.

Other Technical Tasks

  • If you are Windows user, we highly value any issue reports / PRs for Windows related bugs

  • Contribute to your favorite editor plugin for Reason

  • Whatever project you'd normally do in JavaScript, try it in Reason + BuckleScript!

  • Talk about Reason and BuckleScript!

  • We have a focused set of community based and experimental projects. Join our Discord chat and ask for a specific project you want to contribute to!