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Reason comes by default in BuckleScript, a compiler that turns Reason code into JavaScript code.

Prerequisite: either NPM (comes with node) or Yarn.

To install BuckleScript & Reason globally:

yarn global add bs-platform

(or npm install -g bs-platform for npm).

New Project

The global installation comes with a simple project generator. Try:

bsb -init my-new-project -theme basic-reason

To compile & run the project you just created:

cd my-new-project yarn install # or npm install, for npm yarn build # or npm run build, for npm node src/

That uses BuckleScript to compile Reason to JavaScript, then uses NodeJS to run the JavaScript. Feel free to use the generated JS files in whichever way you'd like, as if they're hand-written by you.

During development, instead of running npm run build each time to compile, run npm run start to start a watcher that recompiles automatically after file changes.

By default, the basic-reason theme configures BuckleScript to output the generated JS files alongside the Reason files they were produced from. There's a reason why this is helpful. If you prefer to keep the generated files somewhere else, edit bsconfig.json to set in-source to false; the JS files will then be output to the lib/js directory instead.

Alternatively, to start a ReasonReact app, follow the instructions here.

Existing Project

You can install the toolchain locally to an existing project, through the familiar command:

yarn add --dev bs-platform

(or npm install --save-dev bs-platform for npm).

The rest is the same as above.