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Reason Native Quickstart


Esy (pronounced "easy") is a package manager for native Reason applications. It allows you to consume opam packages, and publish your own native packages to npm.

Install esy:

npm install -g esy

Note: Make sure you have the latest esy installed. If in doubt, run npm remove -g esy && npm install -g esy@latest.

Using esy:

Clone any esy project and run the esy command inside of it. This will install all dependencies and build everything.

git clone cd hello-reason esy

Adding dependencies:

To add native Reason packages that happen to be hosted on npm, run esy add npm-package-name.

esy add refmterr

Opam integration:

esy treats the npm scope @opam specially. esy will install any package name with the @opam scope directly from opam. This is the only scope with special meaning. All other package names are assumed to be hosted on npm.

esy add @opam/bos

Advanced esy configuration:

See the configuration section from the complete esy docs.

Editor support:

See the native project section of the Reason editor support doc.


In addition to supporting esy specific packages hosted on npm, esy also supports any opam package or ocaml native compiler. It can also be used to develop JavaScript npm projects that are compatible with Yarn Plug'n'Play (that includes most JS projects). This Github issue is tracking the required bucklescript features to enable support for managing BuckleScript projects using esy.