Docs / BuckleScript / Installation


Prerequisite: either NPM (comes with node) or Yarn.

If you'd like to install BuckleScript globally, do:

yarn global add bs-platform


npm install -g bs-platform

This gives you a few globally exposed commands you can run, described later. But usually, you'd install the project locally:

yarn add --dev bs-platform
npm install --save-dev bs-platform

The commands that are exposed are:

  • bsb, the build system.

  • bsc, the raw compiler. Usually not used directly.

  • bsrefmt, the included Reason parser & printer.

Alternatives (Power Users)

Install From Source, Through NPM/Yarn

Prerequisite: either npm or yarn, plus the standard C toolchain.

git clone cd bucklescript npm install

Install From Source, Without NPM/Yarn

See our file for reference.


spawnSync ENOENT error

If you get an error that looks like Error: spawnSync /node_modules/bs-platform/lib/bsb.exe ENOENT it might be caused if you have npm postinstall scripts disabled. In that case, re-enable scripts with npm config set ignore-scripts false and re-install bs-platform

Permission denied errors

Under some conditions, the global installation of bs-platform will result in npm errors, typically indicating Error: EACCES: permission denied. Here are some methods for resolving this problem.

Manually change npm’s default directory

Changing where NPM stores the package files may help, see the second solution on the site.

Enable the unsafe-perm npm option

While using unsafe-perm does have some drawbacks, it easily resolves the permissions issue. When the changing the default directory does not work, then this may be the next best option.

npm install -g bs-platform --unsafe-perm