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Custom Class / Component Property

Your ReactJS component might have extra properties attached onto it:

class HelloMessage extends React.Component { static getRandomNumber() { return 4; }; getAnswerToLife() { return 42; }; render() { ... } }

Since ReasonReact components are created from a record (which has fixed fields), you can't attach arbitrary fields onto it. Here are the solutions.

Static Class Property

Just export a standalone value/function:

let component = /* ... */; let make = /* ... */; let getRandomNumber = () => 4;

Keep it simple!

Instance (Component) Property

If the component property/method doesn't refer to the component instance (aka this in JS), then it can just be a static class property, in which case you should just export a normal let value.

If the component does conceptually refer to this, then still try to turn it into a normal let value that takes in a normal argument instead of reading into the component's this.

If this part's unclear, or if it doesn't work in your case, please file an issue!