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Invalid Prop Name

Prop names like type (as in <input type="text" />) aren't syntactically valid; type is a reserved keyword in Reason/OCaml. Use <input type_="text" /> instead. This follows BuckleScript's name mangling rules.

For aria-*: use the camelCased ariaFoo. E.g. ariaLabel. For DOM components, we'll translate it to aria-label under the hood.

For data-*, this is a bit trickier; words with - in them aren't valid in Reason/OCaml. When you do want to write them, e.g. <div data-name="click me" />, use the following:

ReactDOMRe.createElementVariadic( "div", ~props=(ReactDOMRe.objToDOMProps({"data-name": "click me"})), [||] )

For non-DOM components, you need to pick valid prop names.