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The Record API is in feature-freeze. For the newest features and better support going forward, please consider migrating to the new function components.

render needs to return a ReasonReact.reactElement: <div />, <MyComponent />, etc. Render takes the argument self:

/* ... */ render: (self) => <div /> /* ... */

What if you want to return null from a render? Or pass a string to a DOM component like div which only allows ReasonReact.reactElements?

In ReactJS, you can easily do: <div> hello </div>, <div> {1} </div>, <div> {null} </div>, etc. In Reason, the type system restricts you from passing arbitrary data like so; you can only return ReasonReact.reactElement from render.

Fortunately, we special-case a few special elements of the type ReasonReact.reactElement:

  • ReasonReact.null: This is your null equivalent for render's return value. Akin to return null in ReactJS render.

  • ReasonReact.string: Takes a string and converts it to a reactElement. You'd use <div> {ReasonReact.string(string_of_int(10))} </div> to display an int.

  • ReasonReact.array: Takes an array and converts it to a reactElement.