Compiler ยท Mar 13, 2018

A Small Step for BuckleScript...

...and a big one for the community!
Hongbo Zhang
Compiler Team

Reason, Belt and the Community

BuckleScript is a compiler, a set of type system enhancements, a build system and a great deal of JavaScript interoperability features rolled into one. From day one, its goal has been to provide a rock solid, lightweight and performant stack for the community. So far, we'd like to think that we've done a great job.

Alas, such a centralized effort can only scale so much. We'll continue to polish the foundation, tweak features and respond to demands, but BuckleScript's ready to tackle bigger challenges alongside our sister project, Reason. This is where you, the community, comes in.

This week, we're opening up a new suite of additions to the standard library, named Belt. Belt has been in closed beta for a while now; some of you might have heard of it or even used it. Now, the time's ripe to open it up to the broader public.

In the following weeks, we'll gradually outline the motivations, the design decisions and the future plans for Belt on this blog. However, new additions to the standard library aren't a small feat, and we can't possibly tackle all of them by ourselves. Your feedback as a community member will be very appreciated, and we will do our best to stay open to feedback, more so that we have ever done for the core compiler and build system. Belt's development will have more of an open process; we'll be monitoring the issue list closely for changes/features requests and tagging the them with Good First Task (contribution welcome). At the same time, we hope to clean up the repository's workflow a bit too, to ease future contributions.

Thank you for your continued support, and here's to a brighter future for BuckleScript and Reason! Stay tuned for the first of several posts on Belt. See you soon!

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