Compiler ยท May 21, 2018

Announcing BuckleScript 3.1

Hongbo Zhang
Compiler Team

Newest Changes

List of changes here! Highlights:

Print Record Keys and Variant Tags

A picture's worth a thousand words:


debugger before


debugger after

Please see Better Data Structures Printing (Debug Mode) for usage.

Even Better bs.deriving abstract

We've further polished our new way of binding to JS objects. The record fields of a bs.deriving abstract can now accept functions.

Pipe First Improvement

Pipe First now supports piping into variant tags!

let result = name |. preprocess |. Some

We turn this into:

let result = Some(preprocess(name))

Js.Boolean Is Gone

Since BuckleScript 3.0, OCaml bool now compile to JS boolean. It was deprecated (all the boolean conversion functions became no-ops, with warnings during build), and now completely removed. No more need for the converter functions!

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