Compiler ยท Mar 31, 2019

Announcing BuckleScript 6.0.0-dev.1

Hongbo Zhang
Compiler Team

New Test Release

bs-platform@6.0.0-dev.1 is released, you can try it with npm i -g bs-platform@next! (if you have permission issues, try sudo npm i --unsafe-perm -g bs-platform@next)

This is the first release that bucklescript compiler using OCaml 4.06.1 typechecker.

It also means that most language features from OCaml will trickle down automatically.

It is not yet ready for production but we recommend you to try it (esp, new OCaml features between 4.02.3 and 4.06.1), note we expect users to have some issues in experiment, feedback is welcome!

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