Compiler ยท Mar 1, 2019

First-class bs.variadic Support in the Next Release

Hongbo Zhang
Compiler Team

An improved bs.variadic decorator

In previous releases, when a bs.variadic external (previously called bs.splice prior to version 4.08) is present, its tail arguments needed to be applied statically. In other words, the external marked with bs.variadic, when used, requires a literal array:

[@bs.module "path"][@bs.variadic] external join: array(string) => string = "join" let _ = join([|"a", "b"|]) /* this is ok */ let f = b => join(b) /* compiler error when you try to abstract `join` */

More importantly, such compilation error was leaky in cases such as this one:

let f = join

In the next release, we are going to lift such restriction. You'll be able to call an external marked with bs.variadic with an array reference, not just a literal array.

Caveat: it's unclear how to support such first class bs.variadic call in conjunction with, so an external declaration that contains both will trigger a compilation error. We'll try to figure out this particular case in the future too.

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